Debra L. Kiel

Fine Artist

My Work

The Tree Hugger Love Series allows the trees to be seen in a different light. I have beautifully captured the ability to feel an emotion in each imagine, making a difference in the lives of those it inspires with a message of healing through love and nature.

Calmly observing my trees hugger series, enjoyably entwined or consciously connected, brings out our innate human desire to grow… physically, passionately, spiritually, and creatively.

My Studio

For me, all forms of Art seem a mystery. Most times my pencil seems to have a mind of its own. I have a read, “the position of the artist is humble, it is essentially a channel for the great creator.” I am grateful to be given that channel.

Featured Prints

Find the profound connections that bind the human spirit to the earth. Explore the poignant intimacy of nature through the Tree Hugger Series.

Delightful Desire

Limbs tangling in an embrace that speaks to the age-old romance of nature.

Alskar Always

Drawing from the Swedish word for “love”, “Alskar Always” is an evocative exploration of undying bonds.

Pleasurable Passion

This piece encapsulates the fervor and ecstasy of unbridled emotion.

“Let’s take out hearts for a walk in the woods and listen to the whispers of the old trees”